英语句型有 英语句型有哪些?

句型1:There+be +主语+地点状语/ 时间状语

如:There’s a boat in the river. 河里有条船。

句型2:What’s wrong with+sb. / sth. ?

如:What’s wrong with your watch?你的手表有什么毛病?

句型3:How do you like...?

如:How do you like China?你觉得中国怎么样?

句型4:What do you like about...?

如:What do you like about China?你喜欢中国的什么?

句型5:had better(not)+动词原形

如:You’d better ask that policeman over there. 你最好去问问那边的那个警察。

句型6:How+adj. / adv. +主语+谓语!What a/ an+adj. +n. +主语+谓语!

如:How cold it is today !今天多冷啊!

如:What a fine picture it is!多美的一幅图画呀!

句型7:Thank+sb. +for(doing)sth.

如:Thank you for coming to see me. 感谢你来看我。

句型8:So+be/ 情态动词/ 助动词+主语

如:He is a student. So am I. 他是一个学生,我也是。

句型9:... not ... until ...

如:He didn’t have supper until his parents came back. 直到他的父母回来他才吃饭。


如:The baby cried harder and harder. 那孩子哭得越来越厉害。

英语句型有 英语句型有哪些?


1.Mr.Brown is an engineer.(名词做表语)
2.Gradualy he became silent.(形容词做表语)
3.She remained standing for a hour.(现在分词做表语)
4.The question remained unsolved.(过去分词做表语)
5.The machine is out of order.(介词短语做表语)
6.The television was on.(副词做表语)
7.His plan is to keep the affair secret.(动词不定式做表语)
8.My job is repairing cars.(动名词做表语)
9.The question is what you want to do.(从句做表语,即:表语从句)
I"m happy to meet you.
They are willing to help.
We are determined to follow his example.
1.The sun is rising.
2.I"ll try.
3.Did you sleep well?(well做状语,修饰不及物动词sleep)
4.The engine broke down.
1.The book sells wel.
2.The window won"t shut.
3.The pen writes smoothly.
4.Cheese cuts easily.
1.Do you know these people(them)?(名词或代词做宾语)
2.I can"t express myself in English.(反身代词做宾语)
3.He smiled a strange smile.(同源宾语)
4.We can"t afford to pay such a price.(不定式做宾语)
5.Would you mind waiting a few minutes?(动名词做宾语)
6.I hope that I have said nothing to pain you.(从句做宾语,即:宾语从句)
1.He handed me a letter.
He handed a letter to me.
2.She gave me her telephone number.
She gave her telephone number to me.
3.She sang us a folk song.
She sang a folk for us.
4.She cooked us a delicious meal.
She cooked a delicious meal for us.
5.Tell him I"m out.
6.Can you inform me where Miss Green lives?
1.He found his new job boring.(形容词做宾补)
2.The called their daughter Mary.(名词做宾补)
3.This placed her in a very difficult position.(介词短语做宾补)
4.We went to here house but found her out.(副词做宾补)
5.What do you advise me to do?(不定式做宾补)
6.We thought him to be an honest man.(tobe做宾补)
7.He believed them to have discussed the problem.(不定式的完成式做宾补)
8.He believed her to be telling the truth.(不定式的进行式做宾补)
9.Did you notice him come in?(不带to的不定式做宾补)
10.I saw her chatting with Nancy.(现在分词做宾补)
11.He watched the piano carried upstairs.(过去分词做宾补)
1.He felt it his duty to mention this to her.
分析:it是形式宾语,hisduty是宾语补足语,to mention this to her是真正的宾语.
2.I think it best that you should stay with us.
分析:it是形式宾语,best是宾语补足语,that you should stay with us是真正的宾语.
We are short of money.(be short of中short做表语)
She is always making trouble for her friends.(trouble做make的宾语)
He has carried out our instructions to the letter.(our instructions做词组carry out的宾语)
We are waiting for the rain to stop.(wait for后面的the rain是宾语,to stop是宾语补足语)
①Did you ask the price?(直接接名词做宾语)
②She asked them their names.(接双宾语)
③I asked James to buy some bread.(接宾语加不定式做宾语补足语)
④I asked to speak to Fred.(接不定式做宾语)
⑤Didn"t you ask him in?(在此句中和副词in连用)
⑥He has asked for an interview with the President.(组成固定词组ask for)
3.There be句型是一种特殊的句子,真正的主语在后面,含义为“有…”
①谓语动词和主语保持一致:There is a television in the sitting room.
②有两个或更多的主语时,动词一般和最近的一个保持一致:There are two girls and a boy dancing in the hall.
③主语的后面有时有修饰语:There are a lot of difficulties facing us.There were many things to be done(此处也可以使用to do).
④谓语动词be可以有时态的变化:There will be a concert in the park tonight.There was little change in him.
There used to be a cinema here.
There seems to be something the matter with her.
Is there going to be any activity tonight?
⑥there be句式变疑问句,把be提前;变翻译疑问句也要借助there.
Is there any hope of getting the job?
There is nothing wrong with your watch,is there?
⑦there be句型中也可以使用诸如:live,follow,come,stand,sit,exist等不及物动词:
Once upon a time,there lived a fisherman on the island.
There came a knock at the door.
At the top of the hill there stands an old temple.
⑧用于非谓语的情况下,有时用不定式的复合结构there to be或动名词的复合结构和独立主格结构there being:
You wouldn"t want there to be another war.(不定式的复合结构)
The teacher was satisfied with there being no mistakes in his homework.(动名词的复合结构)
There being nothing else to do,we went home.(独立主格结构)


except ,besides,except for,but
besides表示“除了…还有…”的意思,表示包含在内;except for表示“除了…”,它引出一个与前面的词相反的原因或者事例;
but的意思与except接近,它主要与某些不定代词如nothing,all,anything, no one,anyone等连用.例如:
"Except for one old lady, the bus was empty."
She can do everything except cook.
He had considered everything except the weather.
I know nothing about it except what I have read in the papers.
Most of the Chinese people usually go to work on the bike except when it rains.
Besides milk and cheese, we need vegetables.
Besides football, I like playing basketball and table tennis.
No one but me passed the exam yesterday.
Nobody but Li Ming talked to Lao Wang today.